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Pile and Plate Shoring

Soldier piles and steel plates are a common shoring system used for deep excavations and are especially advantageous when existing utilities are entering or exiting the excavation. Timber lagging can be utilized, in lieu of steel plates, to shore around those utilities. Pile and plate shoring utilizes less steel than a sheet pile system. Only the soldier piles require embedment whereas, with sheet piles, each pile must be embedded. Less embedment means less drilling or driving of the piles.

We work with you in order to achieve an economic and safe shoring plan. The efficiency with which we turn a project around while maintaining accuracy is something we take pride in. Our knowledge of OSHA standards and our experience with past projects in many different soil types is invaluable. We immediately have a sense of which concepts will work without spending your money on multiple iterations. By utilizing the materials that you have on hand, or that you are looking to invest in, we lower your costs.

There are no projects too small or too large for us to take on with confidence, be it a simple trench or a complex jacking pit we are ready for the challenges that the project may offer.

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