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Every person on a job site is responsible not only for his or her own safety but also the safety of those around them. Knowing shoring standards and application adds to the safety of all around you. If safety is the most important goal on the site, everyone gets to come back to work the next day.

Companies in this industry do not typically have an employee assigned specifically to oversee safety and shoring. That means that the supervisor or crew leader is often the "competent person" according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Installers must identify critical issues; follow the engineer's design and OSHA standards. J.M. Turner Engineering, Inc. (JMTE) professional shoring consulting services will analyze the soil conditions and design the correct shoring system for each application at each excavation or installation. Since one cubic yard of soil can weigh 3,000 pounds, identifying and mitigating potential hazards related to excavation and shoring is obviously critical.

An excavation greater than 4 feet deep is considered a confined space according to OSHA standards. If employees will be working in such an excavation, OHSA standards apply, including the requirement for a "competent person" on the site and a registered, professionally engineered (PE) design deeper than 20 feet.

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