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We perform a wide range of construction engineering services for commercial, residential and industrial sites throughout the United States. Our services include: Excavation Shoring Design, Retaining Wall Design, Tabular Data Preparation, Slope Stability Analysis, Jacking and Receiving Pits, Excavation Safety, Hoisting/Rigging and Pick Design, Traffic Covers, Traffic Control Plans, Bridge Jacking and Moving and Seismic Retrofits.

For over twenty years J.M. Turner Engineering has been creating accurate and cost effective excavation shoring designs. We have engineered projects using sliderail systems, sheetpiles, trench jacks, beam/pile and plate, opencuts or benches, shield shoring systems, CMP, soil nails or rock bolts, cofferdams and combinations thereof.

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J.M. Turner Engineering, Inc is committed to providing every client with a cost effective engineering design, while maintaining superior quality and customer service.

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We are a specialty civil, structural, and construction engineering firm providing technical consulting services to private industry, engineering contractors, developers, architects, and public agencies. J.M. Turner Engineering was founded on the principles of providing our clients with customized, job specific solutions with fast turnaround, while not sacrificing quality of attention to detail. Since 1990, J.M. Turner Engineering has successfully completed projects in more than 25 states and four European countries. Our company offers extensive hands-on project experience, including a comprehensive knowledge of regulatory requirements and an awareness of construction and permitting costs.

J.M. Turner Engineering has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in construction engineering. This background, combined with the ability to take on new challenges and work on a variety of different projects, has helped J.M. Turner maintain its position as a leading provider of specialty engineering services.

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